Application form for access to Cofiloisirs Online Customer Service

Only natural persons acting as company legal representatives (president managing director, manager) of the Cofiloisirs’corporate client can be granted access Cofiloisirs Online Customer Service, after a compliance check by our teams.

Once approved, the applicant will receive the necessary access information* via email and will be able to review and agree to the general terms and conditions of use of Cofiloisirs Online Customer Service.
Thereafter the applicant will be able to create online profiles for other staff members and to give them at will the possibility to create other online profiles themselves.

If you have any questions, we remain available at:

*If an applicant is the legal representative of several corporate clients of Cofiloisirs, a single acess to Cofiloisirs Online Customer Service will be set up for all those corporate clients.

* This email address and mobile phone number will be used for two-factor authentication to confirm the identity of the applicant when connecting to Cofiloisirs Online Customer Service. They must be personal.
This data will be used to provide access to Cofiloisirs Online Customer Service and to implement its services. You will have the right to access, rectify or deny use of this data at any time on request, at the following address:
By clicking on the “SEND” button, i acknowledge that I have read, understood and accepted all the above terms and conditions, and confirm that I request access to Cofiloisirs Online Customer Service for any corporate client of Cofiloisirs for which I act as a company legal representative.