Complaints and mediation

Do you have a complaint?

Cofiloisirs' priority is to provide its clients with the best quality of service but sometimes a disagreement may arise or the client is dissatisfied. To resolve these problems as quickly as possible, the client can take the following recourse:

Initial amicable recourse: internal recourse

Your Director / Account Manager is your main point of contact. You should get in touch with your usual contact in the Département Conseil et crédits to explain in detail the subject of your complaint during a meeting, by telephone using the contact's direct line (1), by email (1) or by post.

Cofiloisirs aims to respond immediately but some more complex complaints require more time. If it needs to do more research, Cofiloisirs undertakes to acknowledge receipt within 10 working days of the sending of a written or verbal complaint, and to provide a final response within a maximum of 2 months.

Last amicable recourse: recourse external to Cofiloisirs

Referral to a Mediator is an option for certain types of disputes described below. It constitutes express authorisation for the lifting of banking secrecy by the client with regard to Cofiloisirs, as regards disclosure of the information necessary for investigation as part of the mediation. If you disagree with the response provided (2) beforehand by Cofiloisirs, regardless of the contact person or the department to which the written complaint was made, you may refer the matter to the Médiateur du crédit aux entreprises free of charge, exclusively online for disputes relating to business financing difficulties: cancellation of a loan, refusal to reschedule a debt, refusal of loan, refusal of a bond or guarantee, on the website:

(1) Calls not subject to a surcharge and cost of internet connection according to the operator.
(2) In the event of rejection or refusal to accept the complaint in whole or in part.